Patience Through Winter

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The flow of an underground river
Seeks to find a place to release
And become a pool somewhere.
A silent pool that may heal
And even fulfil a thirst.

The touch of a human creation,
The scent of a woman blessed onto this earth,
Hopefully with love to share with the sun.

In silence without spoken words,
In the presence of presence ,
Fearless trust in a weaving stillness
That permits all senses to connect.
Softly without inspirations through language
Of all that flows through each moment

The softness and sense of motion
Being like the barely intruding
Passage through water
That conducts the fish to weave
Among themselves, without thought
Of where they are going ,
Only of each moment of where they are.

The sunlight bathes in the water
To charge all senses into
More intense vision, but without anxiety.

Through winter I long to make love with that woman
But I hold patience for that journey shared
The slow flow through the cavities of earth and form
Until a dry frozen desert is blessed upon
The presence of a new spring well.
But what journey will this women of love take?
No man may ever know.

Today few bees arrive to seek pollen from her like they used to.
There are devices that have replaced them today.

Patience Through Winter
© Woodland Bard 2017


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