Introducing - Bathing With The Sheela

The original intention of this book was to be a compendium for water bathing lovers, with a bunch of fae, fairy and Sidhe stories thrown in, but ...

Just as my previous book, Bathing In The Faes Breath started in hospital after a paralytic stroke that served all kinds of wonderful new experiences ... this book also started with an unexpected extended hospital time.

I had all kinds of twilighty visions but finding myself crawling right into what I imaged as a Sidhe water and fire world, the faluchtra ... so that’s what the core of this book has evolved into.

Originally, my intension was being a human attempting to engage, relate to, and serve a personal interpretation of the fae and sidhe world. But this changed.

Due to the denied seriousness of this bad luck infection illness, I got a bit delirious at times. I believed I was locked into being an actual sidhe being, relating to the human world. What does a Sidhe being look like? No idea! A mirror did not come into focus. But it was from that space of visuals and feelings that I have written this compendium of chapters.

‘Bathing With The Sheela’ has evolved into a Samhain to Imbolc compendium. I did started compiling this in November, and the whole thing seem to come to light at Imbolc, early February. Samhain to Imbolc is the season when I write and compose each year, anyway.

Through this compendium book I journey through our shadow experiences of pain, guilt and shame. I take all of this to a point of darkest stillness and calm ... and then spark and ignite it all through a conception with the ‘Great mystery’. Then let this incubate into the light and life of the Imbolc births once more.

This is not a facts book or history book. This is for the fiction shelf, if you must. I hope you may find something here that may be more truth for you than a non-fiction reference. I cannot promise anything from reading this, really, other than the joys of curiosity and wonder.

Within ‘Bathing With The Sheela’, you will read poems and stories, plus essays, and tips, of how to turn our lives around from pain and shame into colours, love, and spontaneous creativity.

With my previous work, ‘Bathing In The Fae’s Breath’, I funded the production cost of first printing through crowdfunding, then it paid for itself. Eventually, the book earned a bit extra to help pay plants for the Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens, and part of it’s upkeep costs.

With ‘Bathing With The Sheela’ I am trying a more open direction for awhile. I am develop and ‘manifesting’, as folks say, this book online through its own web site here.

Could you help me fund this, please, through becoming a Patron via Patreon. Its only committing a dollar, euro, or pound a month, or more if you wish, and for as long as you wish to.

No contracts, and Patrons also receive their own exclusive Labyrinth Gardens sessions here at Carrowcrory, plus extras in video, audio, photo, live broadcast, online workshops, and extra essay content. .

I passionately hope that anyone reading this book discovers something that raises from their tormenting darkness into loving light. From there also care for their shadows as equals and nourish them too

Here’s to your joy, those huggers among you, who can grow to enjoy ‘Bathing With The Sheela.

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