Hello, welcome to 'Bathing With The Sheela' ...

This is the home of my latest book in my Bathing series.

The full book title is  Bathing With The Sheela

and this website is  thesheela.com

This is not the final book cover design 
but a work in progress cover

Sheela is short for Sheela na Gig, but this book will explore folklore I have been told about relating to the Sheela na Gig,  but more of how she has been revered in the landscape more than from the carved stones for Medieval times onwards.

Being Sheela, I include reference and reverence to folklore of the Sí, Sidhe, and faery world, especially in connection to water.

While my last book, Bathing In The Fae's Breath is a Tree Hugger's Companion, Bathing With The Sheela is an evolving Water Bather's Companion. This water will be more than sea, loughs, rivers, streams, and sacred wells, as it includes folklore of the flow of memory and consciousness in water.

Bathing With The Sheela is starting as a book organically growing from this space. Any proceeds this work may earn go towards upkeep of our Labyrinth Gardens at Carrowcrory and ways we can share these with you. Enjoy the journey.

The first chapters are arriving here very soon ...

John Willmott, aka Woodland Bard

Meanwhile, please also consider joining the Bathing With The Sheela Group for interaction and updates.
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