Bathing In Our Faluchtra Pool

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As a bright sun rose on Imbolc morning, as it has done consistently for 5 or more years now. For a moment there is a fleeing of snow and rain. I think of our inner Faluchtra as we awake now for Spring, even though we may soon think it is slow coming, here in Ireland.

The Faluchtra, 
our inner hearth flame ignited at Midwinter, 

... and brooding with stronger ideas and affirmations until the the pool of them all flows out and into action from Imbolc. Obviously I am not thinking the intense weight loss operation transformation here but a wholesome seeding of our new ideas for these upcoming seasons.

A first thought is that there is still more darkness than light in our day here. I am thinking of the Spring flowers. The first dandelions will be here soon and calling the bees. Their bright yellow heads with petals in fractal perfection and proud straight stems. The first daffodils also standing with extreme boldness.

Below this perfection, into the soil, into our earth’s fermented shite, are the roots. Tangled roots, hunting for the food that helps the flowers above stand bold and confident, and proud in the sun.

For us, this action below is like our shadow.

Living with our tangled roots shadow, but through our light convincing others that we are enough. But we may not be very convinced ourselves within our shadow.

Imbolc seems to be that the time since our inner Faluchtra has bubbled intensely from Midwinter. What has brewed is a transformation of our core beliefs within our dark shadow. We quietly plan how to flow these shadow beliefs into the lighted seasons ahead.

With me it is largely a re-think about the Labyrinth Gardens here. What can change. How can I help. How can I be of better service to visitors here.

This transformation of beliefs seems to work incredibly well when we love our ‘shadow’.

Our connection to consciousness seems to be an experience of darkness with a volcano erupting from it’s centre. These volcanoes within us can feel like an intense experience of the story that we now wish to live.

That story can seem muddled, though. It can feel like a tangle of thoughts that are hunting, just like the roots of a flower. Hunting to feed the way we present ourselves in the light. Straight and facing the light, in perfection, above the surface.

When our story is entangled in the dark shadow, 
it could arouse our fears of dying. 

These experiences seem to be ego generated. Dying fears incubated by our fears of letting go.

It can be that fear of dark, and possibly dying from it, that causes us to live with a small contrast between our light and dark times. We aim to sustain the comfort and contentment of perceived security.

To achieve this we may follow a ‘do as you are told’ lifestyle as doing so can be rewarded with a lot of provision. Its a sort of ‘just over or just under broke’ kind of lifestyle.

If we live a life of much bigger contrasts it brings us more risks and more intensity in the lights and darks of our lives. We work through more shadowy roots and bigger brighter light like the strongest of flowers. Big contrast living brings us more of what we may call ‘spiritualty’. This awakening happens because we let go more. We re-wild more.

Our inner Faluchtra flares up more. 

From Midwinter to Imbolc it seems to feel like, “what will my reality be through this next cycle of seasons?”.

Our reality choices seem to be a choice of a linear black and white life, or one of an organically flowing montage of moments.

If our life is lived with extreme contrast, The experience of suffering can be greater, but that becomes a greater teacher for bouncing back into very nourishing light.

The greatest lesson of this experience seems to be that there is no such thing as right and wrong. The more respect, tolerance, and forgiveness of each other’s path and ways of living, the more we find our inner peace, clarity, purpose, and enlightenment.

Through wide contrast and re-wilding living 

... I believe we allow instincts, inspiration, and emotions to be our guide ... and feck those who may accuse us as being moody as we refuse to climb into their box.

If something feels wrong, it is. This is very different to worry and worries. This is about being sensory of every present moment.

Sensory perception of moments can serve us courage to not allow anyone tell us what is what. Especially, do not allow anyone belittle us for feeling upset about something, or even attempt to try and make us feel guilty when we are intensely happy about something.

When we re-wild and open up to a wider contrast we grow to understand that all people are basically good. There is no racialism. We awaken to and are reminded of how the human spirit is the same everywhere, no matter what skin colour or shape a person carries.

If our tangled shadow roots nourish the light we share with each other it reminds us that the collective consciousness has no borders.

There is one common understanding reached. All people need and want is Love.

A struggle is how much can we consent to as our trust can be mangled.

Overcoming this is through trusting ourselves and trusting that inner Faluchtra glowing ember flames of instinct.

Even when we don’t understand what is happening, even question if we are going mad, keeping our personal trust alive manifests the life we want, but may not know it yet.

Through anything, Fun and laughter is essential. I firmly believe that through humour pure consciousness can flow. Humour to me is the jumping abundant flame, our shining light from bursts of nourished ejaculated energy from our roots

People who wish to control us may forcibly try to starve us from fun and laughter. Its amazing how many people prefer to enforce solemness. Its a sort of “if I’m not getting it, then you are not going to get it either”. Its a horrible attitude and lifestyle that can only lead to perversion and abuse to replace love.

A happy person is truly wilded, and is not easy to control. I believe this is how media tries to control us, by trying to convert our laughter into thriving on discontent. Hmmm, who is controlling the media.

A lot to be said for Laughter Yoga then 🙂 

Fun and laughter, and that warm fuzzy feeling inside, stays alive when we avoid people who bring us down, avoid news that brings us down, avoid brutal drama entertainment that fails happy resurrection and brings us down.

Find something to make us laugh, and we are suddenly just fine.

There are seemingly extended moments when it seems all we do is just beat ourselves up, inflict a penance on ourselves.

So, how can we enjoy our darkness, because it never lasts forever. It comes and goes like day and night

Most of us are aware that it is quite an art to live by enjoying the moments, snd that includes our moments in the dark. Then after the dark comes the light, and we forget we passed through the dark.

With illness we ride through pain, and during pain it seems like there is no end. Then when we are better the experience of illness is quickly forgotten. We bathe in the light of our good health instead.

I believe we form our core beliefs from our dark experiences, or shadow, though. Beliefs formed from the miracle eruptions into this dark, propelling us into a new light and enthusiasm. We rarely seem to form beliefs from light experiences?

Probably the most challenging core belief is when we believe, “I’m not good enough”.

How can we uproot such feelings 
so that our presence is more confident?

Buddha suggests replace a negative core belief with a positive one. Change “not good enough” to “I am enough”.

Making our beliefs positive and motivating seems to be like an inner process of uprooting our shadow side, cleaning it, clear out suppressed blockages, and just let them go. Then re-root our shadow again.

Uprooting, cleaning and caring for our shadow can feel like embracing it and make friends with it. Simplifying our core beliefs helps us to truly love them, and living by them can do wonderful things for us.

In folklore the Faluchtra is a space that incinerates the fallen and cluttered past and transforms it all into fresh born uncluttered life. If we declutter, simplify, we can feel, young again, with fresh clarity, so we do the things we really want to be doing.

This inner Faluchtra combustion and conception overcomes pain, and rebirths our inner child with a maturity of feeling safe dancing in both our shadows and our light.

Bathe in our dancing in the dark and light.

Dance. pure, and find plenty to laugh at ... and all will be well.


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